Before & After

3 Day Primary Oral Health Training Workshop

3 day Primary Oral Health Training Workshop was conducted for 40 primary health workers from Kano, Katsina, Jigawa States. The event was sponsored by Aminu Kano Teaching hospital and took place from 17th-19th June 2008.

50 Primary Cleft, Lip and Palate Surgeries

50 primary Cleft, lip and Palate surgeries was done at Armed Forces Specialist Hospital from 27th August to 9th September 2008.


Abdulrahaman Sabiu

Abdulraham Sabiu’s mother has been stigmatized in her community because her only two children have clefts. She’s been labeled as a woman with evil spirit. Her first child’s cleft lip was operated at Sokoto by a visiting German surgical team.

She has been praying for the team to come again for her second child until she heard over the radio that The Smile Train is sponsoring free cleft surgeries in Kano.

The father was very skeptical about the possibility of a successful operation because of the wide nature of the cleft.

The lip was repaired and when the plaster was removed and the mother saw the outcome she was overwhelmed with joy and began to sing “baki ya yi kewu” meaning the mouth is good. Other mothers joined in the singing and the ward was turned to a festive arena as every one joined in singing “baki ya yi kewu”

Nana & Zahariyya


Nana & Zahariyya are sisters from the same mother. Nana is 15 and should have been married at the age of 12 but she’s not because of her cleft. The parents are so delighted for the free cleft surgeries done for the two daughters because the embarrassment of having unmarried daughters have been addressed. The father has already brought another cleft patient from his community and promised to bring more.