Cleft, Lip and Palate Awareness

GSI is committed to improving cleft, lip and palate awareness knowledge and behavior. To accomplish this we provide information and community outreach services.

We have cleft, lip and palate posters displayed in government hospitals and communities,
outside the premises of local doctor’s surgeries, at different health practitioners, mosques and churches.

Our banners are displayed at hospital gates and public places where many people pass so that we can communicate effectively to the public at large. We also advertise on the local radio so as to reach a wider audience.

Cleft, Lip and Palate community outreach

Our outreach team gives general talks about cleft, lip and palate awareness in children’s hospitals, open market, bus station etc.

This enables people to share their views and experiences on Cleft, Lip and Pallet with others.

They also acqure new information from Grassroot Smile Initiative Smile Train.

Outreach activites extend to the following areas:

  • State Senatorial Districts
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Physically Challenged Institutions
  • Markets
  • Advocacy Legislators, Executives